Beaver Dam Tax Place, with the help of Back Pocket Assistant, is here to help you all year long.  Take a look at our eBooks and Templates.  Downloads are on the house! 

For the home 

 Budget Templates


Household Budget Spreadsheet

Description: This Household Budget Spreadsheet that has individual monthly budget tabs will help you create your personal budget. The spreadsheet separates common expenses into fixed and variable.      

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MonthlyBudget1.png MonthlyBudget1.png
Size : 11.591 Kb
Type : png

Household Yearly Budget

Description: This is a Household Yearly Budget is budget is all 12 months kept on one page.  Helps keep track of your bills, due dates, payment method used, amount paid each month and whether the bill has been paid for that month.  *FREE Download

Monthly_Year_Budget1.xlsx Monthly_Year_Budget1.xlsx
Size : 21.453 Kb
Type : xlsx





Christmas Budget Spreadsheet

Description: This Christmas Budget Spreadsheet will help keep you on track through the Holiday Season. In the spreadsheet you can document by categorizing all those you will be purchasing gifts for, what their gifts will be, and what your budgets are.

Christmas_Gift_Template1.xlsx Christmas_Gift_Template1.xlsx
Size : 76.602 Kb
Type : xlsx


Letter to Santa


Description: This is a Letter to Santa template you can use.  Edit it to what your child needs for it to say.  


When you are done with the letter, visit this site(without your child) and they can help you get a response letter back from Santa.


Visit this site for details on mailing letters.
Size : 140 Kb
Type : dot

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